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The Xceed v3 is a revolutionary powered wheelchair developed by Cheelcare Inc. with aesthetic industrial design by Tensen Design.  The Xceed is capable of quick dynamic adjustment to many positions with touch based and tactile controls at the users fingertips.  This is achieved through independent manipulation of its 4 legs, back-rest and leg-rest.

Building off the Xceed v2, version 3 is further reduced in size in addition to featuring many mechanical and usability improvements.

The Curio is Cheelcare's pediatric focused powered wheelchair, using many of the same components from Xceed but designed for users with smaller overall body size.  The chair features the same functionality as the Xceed but features simpler backrest and arm-rest reclining mechanisms to reduce cost and complexity.  Tensen design adapted the design of the Xceed to fit a more compact overall size in addition to a more playful aesthetic.


Tensen also designed the housing and mechanical features for the main control module utilized on both chairs.


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