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The Xceed is a revolutionary powered wheelchair developed by Cheelcare Inc. with aesthetic industrial design by Tensen Design.  The Xceed is capable of quick dynamic adjustment to many positions with touch based and tactile controls at the users fingertips.  This is achieved through independent manipulation of its 4 legs, back-rest and leg-rest.

Advantages of the Xceed:

  • Enabling the user to sit comfortably at eye level with a standing person, or low enough to the ground to reach a fallen object, all without complex harnesses.

  • Sensors allow the XCeed to self-level when crossing uneven surfaces, giving this product superior balance in areas that are difficult to access for standard powered chairs.

  • Full reclined and up-right positions achievable without stretching the users back and knees, a critical factor for those users incapable of maneuvering their torso.

  • Superior ground clearance for better travel over rough terrain.

  • Built-in features such as storage compartments, remote control, touch screen controls, rear facing camera and powerful front and rear lights.


Cheelcare developed the underlying mechanical design and core-technologies to make Xceed a reality, and we worked closely with them to develop a sleek and eye-catching aesthetic in record time.  From pencil sketches to CNC machined and painted panels in just 3 months!

The first version of this product was completed successfully in January of 2017, and was exhibited at Ability Expo.  The Xceed chair stood out as a forward-thinking example of form and function.  The development process continues, building off of extensive user feedback.

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Prototype build
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