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The Sensassure Tali system is used by caregivers to detect when a resident has suffered an episode of incontinence through the use of a wetness sensor band placed on the residents brief.  The caregiver is alerted to the incident through an app on their iOS device, and they can immediately go to change the residents brief.  This means that residents do not need to be checked periodically during the night, allowing them to get a full nights rest if no incontinence has occurred.  The care-giver can see the status of many residents at once on the app, giving them full visibility of the overall situation, so that they can efficiently address incidents as they occur.

Tensen's role in the development of this product was critical to its success.  We undertook the industrial design of the enclosures for the transmitter unit, the sensor band, and charging station.  In addition, we performed extensive prototype testing to determine the most effective methods for securing the sensor band to a residents brief.  Many components of this product were put through rigorous user testing, resulting in critical feedback that drove a number of iterations to the product, leading to its currently successful stage shown here.

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In care-homes all over North America, many people suffer from incontinence.  Currently the way this is handled by caregiver staff is to have the resident wear an absorbent brief during the night, or at all times.  In many cases this means that the resident must be checked periodically during the night by caregivers such that their brief can be changed if an incontinence incident has occurred.  This constant checking disturbs the residents sleep cycle, given they may be dry in many cases.  Sensassure aims to address this problem with the Tali product system.

This product is currently undergoing trials in a care-home environment with real caregivers and residents.

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Sensassure sensor band assembly.

Attaches directly to resident brief.


Charging Station

Sensor Band

Transmitter charging area

Sensor storage area

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