Stratacache - Outdoor Displays - V11 Series

The V11 Series outdoor digital displays feature a modular design, making them 100% field serviceable. With an operating temperature range of -25 F to +125 F, patented direct airflow cooling, and IP56 certification they are designed to handle any weather condition. Integrated hardware and software provides streamlined content management with remote monitoring and control 24/7. The sensor-rich design gives a deeper understanding of customer behavior to ensure the best customer experience.

Tensen Design was tasked with taking an existing design and redesigning for high volume production in a very short time frame:

  • Redesign of frame and body panels for assembly on hanging line.

  • Thermoformed exterior panels to improve aesthetics and massively decrease complexity and assembly time of outer shell.

  • Removed unnecessary adjustment on internal chassis to reduce part complexity and count, as well as fasteners required.


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