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RoSS II - Simulated Surgical Systems

Tensen Design was hired by Simulated Surgical Systems to do a ground up redesign of their Robotic Surgical Simulation Console. Utilizing new state of the art 3D vision systems and haptic controllers, Tensen Design was able to meet their aggressive timeline for tradeshow launch.

Once the new Industrial design concept was approved by the client, Tensen Design quickly transitioned into detailing the design for manufacturing. Manufacturing technologies used for this system were Sheet Metal, Reaction Injection Molding, Casting, and CNC machining. With the extensive production package ready Tensen Design proceeded to order and build out the units for Simulated Surgical Systems. During fabrication Tensen Design managed all the vendors while drafting the assembly manual for production.

Once all of the OEM components and custom parts and assemblies were received, Tensen Design assembled, tested, crated and shipped the Surgical Simulation consoles on behalf of the client.

As a side project to the client Tensen Design also designed, built and shipped a custom booth for their trade show.

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Sheet metal fabrication

In-house assembly

In-house assembly

Final testing before shipment

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