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The Karbon Mill is a premium carbon fiber pepper mill made from materials typically used in aerospace. With a design philosophy of being true to the material, the Karbon Mill is aesthetically clean and minimal to allow the natural beauty of it's materials to shine.


Featured initially on Kickstarter, the Karbon Mill was successfully funded.

Check out our campaign, and the Karbon Mill website!

Premium Materials

In addition to the clean minimalist design, we wanted the Karbon Mill to be made with long lasting carbon fiber for the main housing and knob. We've also integrated machined billet 6061-T6 grade aluminum components, anodized for anti-corrosion, long durability and great strength to weight properties.


The burr grinder has an adjustable head to allow

you to dial in your preferred grind setting for your

Pepper, Salt and other spices. Simply adjust the

bottom knob and grind away.

Our product video as featured on Kickstarter
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