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The Tecla Shield is a wireless device that allow access to smartphones and tablets, for those who are unable to manipulate them due to their disease or disability.


Tecla Shield users can control their devices by using highly customized interfaces which they are already familiar with, such as their wheelchair driving controls’ or adapted switches.  For more information visit:

PROJECT – Tecla Shield dos, Injection Molding

Komodo and Tensen Design partnered when Komodo was selling product using 3D Printing (FDM) for manufacturing, great for low volumes, but orders were picking up momentum and they needed to switch gears. With a clear direction from the Client, we were able to quickly take the Fused Disposition Molding (FDM) parts and design them for Injection Molding.


Komodo required production units ASAP. Together, we established an aggressive development path with calculated risks that would allow us to use and sell first articles. Utilizing our Product Design Method + manufacturing network the T1 units delivered according to schedule and more importantly within tolerance. We had zero geometry changes required as the PCB, battery and housings all fit perfectly together.


During the design process we were able to reduce part numbers + product costs by simplifying the part geometries along with improving the assembly procedure through foresight and total-product design thinking methods.


For the T2/production articles, we applied texturing to the tooling, and generated the first mass-production order to meet the clients growing demand for product.


The project was a huge success due to the collaboration and communication between two the companies.

CAD Modeling and rendering

3D Printing parts for fit testing prior to injection molded assembly.

T1 - Functional Assembly

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