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Great design while meeting technical requirements, within your budget.


Project Planning & Management

Concept Design

Design for Manufacturing

Before we begin the design process we must understand the your products requirements.  We also understand that there are many unknowns and approximations and we can work with you to resolve them.  

Some common areas we will ask about: 
-User requirements      -Performance targets
-Regulatory targets      -Assembly guides 
-Targeted unit cost       -Time to market  
-Projected volumes      -Servicing hierarchy   
-End of life disposal      -Target look and feel

Product Design Documentation
Product requirements are fed into living product design specifications.  This set of documents ensures everyone stays on track.

Team coordination
At Tensen we understand that it takes an array of specialized individuals and teams to bring your product through the Design and Development cycle. We offer Team Coordination to assist with management and distribution of critical project information. We can Quarterback the team(s) for the winning touch down!

Great product design starts on paper, white boards and more often than not made from cardboard.  Or sometimes it sprouts as a new branch from an already well established brand.


We can creatively generate and prototype aestheticly pleasing and functional concepts from the ground up, or to meet an existing brand specification.

We always design for reality even if our hands leave the product after the concept stage.  It’s important for us to know that the concept isn’t just a pretty picture, but a thought out vision of the future.

The tools we use:
-Brainstorming sessions 
-Concept sketching for quick ideation
-Expert CAD modeling
-Product renderings
-Affordable prototyping

The saying goes: Fail fast, and fail often, so we succeed sooner. From crude mock-up models establishing ergonomics and workflow, to fully detailed and sellable early production units, we have you covered.

Whatever your projected production volume, we will find the right manufacturing process and design towards it.  Our network and expertise have been cultivated for over a decade, and will be leveraged to bring your product to market in the most efficient manner possible.

We have extensive experience in design for the following fabrication technologies, and will work closely with vendors, new and old, leveraging their expetise to maximize success.

Plastics and elastomerics:
-Standard injection molding
-Reaction injection molding
-Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
-Thermoforming, including twin-sheet
-Vacuum forming
-RTV molding for soft components
-CNC milling

Metal components:
-Sheet metal fabrication technologies
-CNC milling


Production Management

Product Testing

Vendor sourcing and logistics
We have established a wide reaching network of qualified suppliers to meet your product’s needs. We are constantly updating the list to ensure you receive competitive pricing.

We have experience with an array of overseas and North American vendors for both fabrication and hardware.  Our overseas vendors are selected based on tried-and-true performance.

Document controls
At TENSEN Design we can adhere to your companies document control system as required.  


As standard practice, we organize our documentation into 3 main categories:
DHF – Design History File
    Your complete product design history.
DMR – Device Master Record
    All the documentation material necessary         to produce the product.
DHR – Device History Record
    The record of a specific device or batch.

Before we go to a Third Party testing house for certification, we will write, perform, review and recommend improvements to save you time and money. The product needs to work as well as it looks.

We will always endeavour to have the product meet standards by design through proper material and hardware selection.  

We have experience meeting standards in:
-IP ratings
-UL ratings
-FDA food safety

-FDA 510(k)

In-house Assembly Services

Our 19,000sq.ft facility includes a dedicated SD, assembly and fabrication area that can be adapted to low-mid sized production runs as required.  We can bridge the gap between ‘alpha’ build and volume production for your product.


Being in such close proximity to the assembly area means challenges can be addressed extremely quickly and efficiently!

We are happy to provide limited inventory space for first-articles.

Additional assembly staff can be quickly contracted to meet the projects needs.

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