TENSEN Design follows our stage gated Product Design MethodTM to reduce the risk and iterations required to deliver your product. Our five-step gated roadmap is a proven methodology that reduces scope creep and churn helping us maintain budget and timelines.

Product development is not for the weak at heart, but with TENSEN Design you have a partner on the journey ahead. We aim to cut the fat out, maximizing your ROI.

The unique position to the product design services market is our ability to perform non-linear creative activities in a timely manner that can be budgeted against. Our experience provides insight to identifying early on in the project the potential trial and error sections of the development path that can push timelines and budgets out of scope. Together we identify the risks and plan accordingly. We don’t suggest that we are able to identify all risks in the planning stage, but with our gated Product Design MethodTM we are able to address issues as they arise in a controlled executional manner.

TENSEN Design is set apart from the rest by its ability to understand your business goals and objectives, translating them into the products you hired us to design.

Let us make you look good.
We have an uncompromising obligation to deliver quality product design. Together we will grow and strengthen your business one product at a time.